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  About Us

At a meeting of national organizations on March 29, 1999, sponsored by the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, USteach, a national web based system for the recruitment and placement of educators was demonstrated and discussed. The system was launched officially in Washington DC in June 1999. USteach is envisioned as a collaborative of education organizations to support the ongoing maintenance and enhancements of a comprehensive and inclusive system matching district and college needs with quality applicants.

Today, drawing from a network of more than eight thousand major organizations and more than four hundred thousand regular users, USteach provides government, private, and public institutions an easy and convenient service, featuring a vast selection of options. Furthermore, USteach is one of the first education online service to provide, at no cost, management systems to the education community. More organizations are joining the network each year and using the system with tremendous success. USteach would meet the United States government commitment to provide a comprehensive worldwide system for careers in education as stated in the State of American Education address. Ongoing implementation efforts continue to work towards offering and developing new tools and sources of information for education.


USTeach is the United States Education Recruitment Network.
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