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Interactive Recruitment through the USteach Network

Through the USteach Distributed Interactive Recruitment (DIRecT) system, you can streamline your recruiting processes, have access to a large number of suitable applicants and decrease the time it takes to find your perfect candidate.

  1. Target the Perfect Hire  
  2. Speed Your Time-to-Hire  
  3. Simplify Your Process  
I. Target the Perfect Hire

The USteach network connects you to the prospective applicant profiles you need. Place your postings on the site where hard-to-find job seekers go to look for them...and target the perfect hire.

II. Speed Your Time-to-Hire

Recruiting on the USteach network helps you leverage the power of electronic media to meet the challenges of today's demanding hiring market. Your postings are viewed by prospective candidates just minutes after you finish posting them, and since resumés and applications are submitted via the Internet, you can communicate immediately with the candidate and everyone involved in the recruiting process. 

III. Simplify Your Recruiting Process

The USteach network provides a simple, browser-based job and program posting, resumé and application management service. Ours is a complete solution--and it's easy!
For example:
  • One job posting: Write a job description once, post it to multiple state sites. 
  • One resumé delivery system: All resumés come into a single reservoir.
  • One application delivery system: All applications come into a single reservoir.
  • One measurement tool: Track recruiting results across the network.
  • One agreement, one comprehensive service: We offer a single relationship for all your internet recruiting needs.
  • One provider: USteach helps you manage all of your electronic recruiting efforts.

    Jobxpreso is the USA Job Recruitment Network.
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