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Career portals are having a growing presence on the Internet. A portal is a site that serves as a gateway to the web. The goal of a portal is to drive traffic to the site and then use that traffic to sell advertising. Check out how USteach compares in relation to all of the career portals that are out there.

PORTALS versus USteach

  Portal USteach
Will your site be free of advertisements and corporate logos? NO YES
Does the program offer you a unique and personal web service for your organizations? NO YES
Does your site have a unique look? NO YES
Do you have an unlimited amount of space and number of users? NO YES
Does your local administrator have complete control over your website? NO YES
Can the program be easily integrated into an existing website and utilize HTML? NO YES
Does your program offer unique tools that are customized to meet the needs of every aspect of your organization? NO YES
Does your organization maintain ownership of the content on your site once posted? NO YES


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