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Welcome Recruiters!

Find out how to have your marketing and recruitment PromotionCAST today.
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Membership Benefits:

Get access to our database of more than 200 thousand education job seekers and post your jobs directly to the USteach network -- they appear in real-time and remain on the web for as long as you decide. You'll also benefit from:

  • Experienced customer support specialists
  • Lower cost-per-hire than traditional methods
  • Advanced resumé and application pre-screening technology
  • Personal Search Agents -- automatic search functionality

Learn more about State membership benefits

To become a state member, or to request more information, please email us or call 1-888-618-3224. Find out how we can help your outreach initiatives today.

Recruiting Now!
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· Personal Search Service (PSS)  
Have applications delivered to you by our Personal Search Service (PSS).

Recruitment Basics
· Benefits of Distributed Interactive Recruitment (DIRecT)  
Find out what The USTEACH Network can do for your recruiting process.
· Any Questions? Contact Us  
Have a representative contact you with details about the USTEACH Network.
· NEW: Get official transcripts, recommendations, and more online as well  

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