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Class size reduction programs are directly linked to drastic increases in demand for educators. This first became obvious to our team in 1996, when California passed the California Class size Reduction [CSR] program. It got us thinking about the long term effects. The need for educators is not going to be met overnight and with the complexities of districts and states, the barriers to entry need to be eliminated. While our institutions were scrambling to find qualified educators, our students weren’t getting the attention they needed and deserved.

This is where USTeach came in. Our team recognized that the only way to help those most important for our future, was by making education careers approachable and manageable. So we did just that. We leveraged new technologies to break the barrier entries to educators and worked with federal agencies to spread the word about the career services and education USTeach provided.

Within a 3 years, it was clear that USTeach was integral to minimizing the negative effects of the California Class Size Reduction [CSR] program, having grown to over 100,000 users - on the Internet which was new territory back then!

Since the late 90’s, we’ve taken what we’ve learned in California to the national level and have been adding new features to help our users’ experiences be as pleasurable as possible. We’ve got great success with over half a million users - helping them find their next career or next qualified candidates. We pride ourselves in being a hands-on and engaged team!

We look forward to working with you! Click here to get started, or contact us at help@usteach.com with any questions.




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