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Create, Target, Broadcast
with the most inexpensive, easy, and fast research based software for education today.

…an easy-to-use web based marketing, recruitment and training system that will transform the way you promote, outreach, communicate, and work.

The one place for gathering your media marketing, training, and resources - Seamless Recruitment Tools - Centralized Databases - Automatic Documentation - Instant Communication - Detailed Reports

Education Fee: $29 a month

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Key Features:

Seamless Posting
PromotionCAST turns your web site into a powerful marketing, recruitment and training center. Now you can quickly organize and post all your relevant media, positions, news, and events directly to your web site. When you post any media information, it is instantly targeted and broadcasted nationally and internationally.

Centralized Database
PromotionCAST helps you organize all your media, applications, contact, and recruiting information in one convenient place. By sharing PromotionCAST with other members of your organization, tailoring their access to what you think is appropriate, you can network all participants in the process.

Automatic Documentation
Tired of spending all your time writing notes and chasing down information? USteach PromotionCAST archiving feature automatically documents every completed task, allowing you to effortlessly download to your local system all job, candidate and recruiter activity for you and your entire organization.

Instant Communication
PromotionCAST customizable tools make corresponding and coordinating fast and easy. Tasks such as sharing feedback and forwarding resumes and questionnaire responses can be done directly from the system. With a few keystrokes, you can invite dozens of applicants to a recruiting event, or distribute the resume of a promising candidate to your whole hiring team.

Detailed Reports
With PromotionCAST, you can track every dimension of your recruiting process. Progress reports present you with up-to-the-minute details on a job-by-job or organization-wide basis. Overall summary reports let you monitor and measure the effectiveness of your recruiting effort, helping you optimize it. PromotionCAST generates all your status reports.


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