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  Recruiting through USteach is already helping you take care of a large part of the cumbersome recruiting process. School districts are able to review a great deal of information entered by our applicants. This should be providing you with a steady stream of strong applicants for your open positions!

It is vital that as you view these applications, you also have access to the supporting information you need - without being swamped by mailings or hassle.

USteach is excited to announce we have expanded our services! Now you can have FREE online access to official transcripts, letters of recommendation, certificates, work examples and more!

Most employers in our system recommend that applicants have an official transcript, 1-2 letters of recommendation, and a copy of a teaching certificate available. Often, having a variety of work examples available is also helpful.

Up until now, you probably receive this information whenever students get around to sending it! Your office is forced to open a variety of mailings as well as store a ton of paperwork. Worst of all, you are either asking for files up front (which means you are swamped with files from all candidates, some of whom are totally unsuitable) or you are trying to track down qualified candidates after they apply and asking them to submit files afterwards (which means phone tag, hassle and delay).

USteach has solved your dilemma! We have created a special partnership with ReferenceNow. With its unique system for making this important information available to employers, ReferenceNow is the leader nationwide!

Only ReferenceNow allows you to pull together everything you need to complete your applicant files and organize it online or print it as necessary. Using it saves you time, hassle, and money.

Imagine never opening an applicant mailing or going through the hassle of "completing" an applicant file again!

ReferenceNow has a FREE ONE-MINUTE registration located here.

Once you are registered, simply log in on their main page http://www.referencenow.com with the username and password you chose and you will be able to view your applicant files online. Now you can see all items in your applicant files with two clicks! No phone tag, no hassle, no delay!

As you use ReferenceNow, we suggest you immediately take these two steps.

  • Change the wording on your website and job listings to tell applicants they can submit an entire application through USteach and ReferenceNow.
  • Specify what items you want applicants to include! An example would be "We prefer applicants to apply through USteach and submit all official transcripts and two professional letters of recommendation through www.ReferenceNow.com"
For further questions about the ReferenceNow service, contact them at help@referencenow.com or 866-733-3736 x 0.


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